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A Big Ol' Texas Welcome & Announcements

Posted by Behind The Wire Shop on

We would like to welcome our new FB, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram followers! We cannot thank you enough for the likes and shares! They mean everything to small businesses like us!

We are excited about the things happening here at BTW Shop and we do have a FEW announcements to make!!!

  • This Weekend - We are attending our first Mike D's roping event this weekend here in Huntsville,Texas - fingers crossed for good weather! As a result, there may be slow response times.
  • For Our Custom Leather Work - all orders are 3 to 4 weeks out at this time.
  • For Our Dog Collars - We had a MAJOR hiccup in our dog collar builder on our website, but we are some what thankful, because it forced us to re-evaluate. We felt it lost the personal touch we have had with each of our pet parents. We wanted to make sure that each custom made collar was named after it's rightful owner! Recently, we listed most of the dog collars that we have created to date. If you have already purchased a collar from us, check out your pets collar here and please pin, share, like & REVIEW!!! :) and don't forget to do the same for @dogsbydebin! We did had a hard drive crash and lost some of our photos. If you have photos you have shared with us or we have shared with you in the past, please contact us! 
  • Our Store - Since Paw has had a nail in his foot, things have slowed down there, but he is getting better and hope to have our store open soon!
  • Farmer's Market - We will be at the Huntsville Farmers Market again this year. More info coming soon!
  • For Our Leather Craft Products - Are you designer or leather artisan? Do you use our product? Want to sign up for special offers and get the most recent upcoming designs and styles? Have a design in mind and want it made? Email us at, face book chat or call!
  • If you haven't checked out our website yet, please do! New items being added daily. Got suggestions? We welcome any and all suggestions!
  • We do have other announcements but till next time :)

If you read all this... bless you.. thank you.. and welcome to BTW SHOP! 


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