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Been Working! Wood Work, Demo & HEAT!

Posted by Behind The Wire Shop on

It's been crazy the last 3 weeks, been working on our storefront here in Huntsville, Texas! I really wish I could say this demo is for Our new building........BUT

It isn't, it's for Dollar General!

Those who have followed Mr. David's story, know we needed tin metal and wood to rebuild his shop. Most important was the tin, for finishing his roof!

A very special thank you to Mr. Kovach, for allowing us to upcycle anything we wanted from his property! We cannot express how many thank you's we owe him! We NOW have enough to finish Mr. David's roof and more ! 

For those who are just reading for the first time, Mr. David (our neighbor) is a resident of Huntsville, TX for over 30 years. His wood shop burned last year. It was devastating for him and his family! After the shop burned down,  Mr. David has dealt with an injury of a nail in his foot and has had ailing health. 

Our shop will be right next door to Mr. David! The featured image is the shop we were able to dismantle before they leveled the ground. I got to hand it to Mr. David, over 70 and up on the roof of that metal building and boy was it hot! 

We would also like to thank Russ & his crew and the BTW Shop family. 

If you are from Huntsville or the surrounding area and/or have been helped by David Whitaker Senior or his wife Mary, AKA "MAW & PAW" and would like to pay it forward....

Please contact us at 936-294-0024 or FB us!
 PLEASE, HELP US KEEP Paw, OFF the roof and let's help him rebuild!

You can see some of his work here by visiting his WISHING WELL

LIKE.. SHARE...PIN, or spread the word by mouth !!(that does still exist right?)



Dollar General Coming Soon!Dollar General Coming Soon to Huntsville, Texas!

All that's left of Mr. David's old shop. 

 Mr. David's Old Shop

 Our building is right behind Mr. David's! Let's help him rebuild!




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