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Behind The Wire Shop - Faq

AKA ... BTW Shop

What do you sell?

We mostly sell custom leather work but we also enjoy sharing our findings of quality trims, embellishments, notions, & more! 

Who is the owner? 

  • Danny is a welder, a leather crafter, wood worker, and artist. You can visit his facebook page or website to view some of his work and causes. 

Where & when did BTW Shop start? 

  • Behind The Wire Shop started in Houston, Texas around 2013.

Are you licensed in the state of Texas?

  • Yes

Where is Behind The Wire Shop located now?

  • We are located in Dodge, Texas - Online only.
  • Appointments can be accepted and must be made one week in advance.
  • Location coming soon, with limited hours!

Why does our shipping address say Dodge, TX?

  • We live in the country and believe it or not, Dodge is closer than downtown Huntsville! Our backwoods has no mail service here, but our new location will!

Why Behind The Wire Shop?

  • "My Girl" , suffers from a rare illness and started BTW Shop to hopefully one day, be with her full time. Recently when they moved to Huntsville, it became hard to find a job as a welder. So when life hands you lemons, you make lemonade.... Behind The Wire Shop became full time. 

Why Huntsville, Texas?

  • The doctors said less stress and cleaner air, I packed us up and moved us to country! 

What does Behind The Wire Shop mean? 

  • Many people have asked us...Behind the Wire Shop started as a play on words " behind the telephone wire -  meaning the internet" when people still used modems. Today, Behind The Wire shop's name has come to have more meaning and has evolved into something our family is proud of.

Huntsville, TX is a huge prison town and has a huge recidivism rate, with their children sadly, following behind.  Being from a prison town, we had to hop in and join the concerns of our community! 

Behind the Wire Shop has partnered with the prison ministry of  "The Hospitality House of Huntsville". The Hospitality House provides food and shelter to the families who visit their families in the multiple prisons, in our town that have little to no money. The Hospitality House also provides a program for the children of prisoners families, called " Art Against the Odds". We also believe that art heals and that it helps the children of inmates, refocus their energy and frustrations into a beautiful piece of art...allowing them to express their feelings in a positive way.

Hospitality House Huntsville

Behind The Wire Shop has become truly "Behind The Wire Shop - Huntsville, Texas" (Behind "The Walls" of Barb Wire)

We started selling barb wire bracelets and rings at our craft shows and we will soon have them available on our website!

We do have other causes and if you are interested you can always visit our Facebook page for the latest information!


 By The Way.....

Thank you to our EBay CUSTOMERS! We started on Ebay and now we are opening a physical store!

It is because of our ebay customers, that I am able to stay with "my girl". Our new location will be only .7 miles away from our home!

We pledge to provide you the highest quality product and the most diverse unique findings for the leather and fashion industry. We also pledge to give you the highest level of customer service with a heaping side of Texas Hospitality!


Danny & Family